Online Pokies

Here is some basic information on online pokies for Aussie gaming lovers. Go through this article, it will answer your questions on what internet pokies is about.

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There is no documentary evidence on how the word came about, but it is thought that the word pokies is derived from video poker machines which were a rage at the time when pokies were legalized in the state of New South Wales.

Australian Pokies List

On an average the online pokies machines have a payout percentage of around 90%. So, for every $100 that goes into the game, the casino pays back $90. This information tells us that in the long run, the casino is the winner.

There is no training manual or online pokies playing system that can teach you how to win at pokies; this is not a game of skill. So, donít waste your time and money looking up techniques that will enable you to win at internet pokies.

You can be assured that the payouts from each machine are not going to change with each day; these are fixed. And you wonít gain much by shifting from your machine to another machine mid-way between games. Each outcome is totally random and independent. So, if a machine has not yielded a payout in a few spins, it does not mean that the machine is due.

Your odds of winning do not change with the amount you wager. But if you wager on all the pay lines, you have more lines that you can win on. It is always a good idea to wager the minimum required on as many pay lines as you can.

It is interesting to know that the “double up” feature on online pokies machines does not have a house advantage; the odds here are true odds that you are up against. This feature is an enticing feature and many have benefited from it, making good money by doubling a small win.

Under the Interactive Gambling Act, all internet gaming sites are prohibited from advertising on TV and the Internet.