Online Pokies Glossary

Each sphere of human endeavor has terms and jargon associated with it. Online pokies is no different. Let us take a look at the terms associated with it. Better understanding of the phrases used will help you enjoy the game more and may help you play the game faster, which is an important skill to have when playing in pokies tournaments.

– Account – An account is your registration with the online casino before you can begin playing online pokies.
– Bonuses – These come in various forms and amounts and include free spins and free credits. You can earn bonuses when playing the game or while wagering an amount.
– Credits – You purchase credits with real money to play online pokies. The credits can be converted to cash and the amount withdrawn should you so wish, this is known as “cash out”.
– Cumulative jackpots – Also known as progressive jackpots, these continue to grow in size till a winner gets lucky.
– Static jackpot – A fixed jackpot amount attached to online pokies games in an internet casino.
– Free spins – A kind of bonus, where you get some free play without spending your own money.
– Minimum – It relates to the lowest amount of the wager before you can play an online pokies game. The minimum varies with the game.
– Multipliers – Symbols on the reels that can increase the size of your winning manifold.
– Payline – Lines that signify a win on a pokies screen; these can appear vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.
– Payout percentage – The amount that the casino pays back to gamers for every 100 dollars wagered. Some casinos operate with a payout percentage of above 96%. Also known as the hold percentage.
– Pay schedule – It is a list of the various payline combinations and the credits awarded by each.
– Randomizer – Quite like the joker in a pack of cards, it can take the place of another symbol to complete a winning sequence.
– Random Number Generator (RNG) – The software program which runs an online pokies machine ensuring that whatever appears on the screen at each spin is random and free from human or machine bias.

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