Responsible Gambling

Most people try gambling at some point, whether they buy a lottery ticket or try their luck with the pokies, but the extent to which they take it can vary greatly. Unfortunately too many people do not know when to say when and their gambling habit spirals dramatically out of control. For this reason, it is important to know how to gamble responsibly.
Responsible gambling requires not only a deeper understanding of what is really at stake but also strict self-control on your part, especially if you already have a history of problem gambling. There are a number of tips that will help you gamble responsibly:
Gamble for fun
Gambling is an activity that should be done strictly for entertainment. Enjoy yourself and if you do win anything consider it a bonus, but never take it seriously.
Set yourself a limit
Before you even start you need to decide how much time and money you are going to spend gambling. Once you reach this limit, you need to be strict with yourself and stop.
Manage your money
Keep track of how much you are spending on gambling each week. It is much easier to stay in control if you are aware of just how much it is costing you. You should always budget your money and make sure you only gamble with money you don’t need for important things like food or rent.
Never borrow
You should only gamble with your own money. Borrowing from others to fund it is bad enough but there is a dangerously high chance you are taking money you won’t be able to pay back.
Remember your family and friends
Problem gambling does not just affect you but also those close to you. Your family needs both emotional and financial support from you, which you will not be able to provide if you put everything into gambling. If you hurt yourself through gambling, you are hurting those who care about you.
Be realistic
The odds are always against you and you will almost certainly lose more than you gain through gambling. Never chase wins or try to recover lost money with further betting. Gambling should never be a method for financial gain or you will ultimately find yourself losing every time.
Take a break
Gambling should always be done in moderation. If you can walk away and take regular breaks it will help you keep a clear head and stay aware of how much you are spending.
Stay sober
Drinking will cloud your judgement and make you feel overly confident. If you gamble when drunk you are much more likely to bet more and lose more in turn.
Walk away
You need to know when enough is enough. Once you have reached your limit you need to have the willpower to stop and walk away, even if you are convinced another win is just around the corner.
Of course, there is no guarantee that these tips will work for you. If you find that you are having difficulty following them or they are simply not helping your habit then it may be time to seek professional counselling. Ultimately, no one can control your gambling but you.

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