Illegal Casino Uncovered in Sydney

In a plot that sounds like something taken straight out of a movie, an illegal casino was discovered by the police in the western suburbs of Sydney. This is the first time in decades that such an establishment has been uncovered. The casino in question was found above a supermarket at Endesor Park, although no link is believed to exist between the illegal casino and the legitimate business below it.

The police had the search warrant required to investigate the premises and when they raided the building, they found quite a setup. There were in fact two gaming areas complete with professional poker tables, gambling chips, a pool table and several large flat screen TVs. In addition to this, food and alcohol was available for the casino’s visitors. Police raided the casino at 10.30pm and discovered the staff preparing for the intended night of gambling ahead. Despite the find however, no charges were made by the police as no one was actually engaging in the act of gambling when they were there.

The police had received information on the illegal establishment from various members of the public and after some investigation, a search warrant was finally acquired so that the premises themselves could be checked. Such activity was once common in Australia but this is a particularly unusual find in this day and age and is the first of its kind to be discovered in years. However, it does raise the question as to just how many secret casinos there are in operation.

While no arrests were made on this occasion, the investigation is continuing. Paperwork was taken, as well as a CCTV hard drive recorder, both of which should provide some useful evidence. Suspiciously enough, the casino was found behind a door with a sign reading, “Members Only”, which gave way to a staircase and rooms above the supermarket. The proprietors of the shop below denied all knowledge of the casino, as did the neighbours living in the vicinity of the building. There is however an Assyrian social club next to the premises and the possibility of a link between it and the casino is also currently under investigation.

Back in the 80s and 90s illegal underground casinos were much more commonplace and many of them were operated by immigrants. This has also turned out to be the case now as the casino uncovered was being operated by middle-eastern citizens. Whether this is an isolated incident or the tip of an iceberg remains to be seen.

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