Online Casino Scams to Avoid

People gravitate towards money; online casinos are big money; and scamsters are people. Get the connection? The online casino gaming industry has grown exponentially and today the legal internet gaming business is worth more than $100 billion. No one knows how big the illegal online gaming business is but the fact of the matter is that most scams are likely to happen with gaming sites that operate outside the purview of law.

Therefore, governments and individual gamers both have a stake in avoiding and eliminating such sites and also to stay alert to the different scams perpetrated every once in a while even on established gaming sites.

The most common scam is the one in which casinos suck in gullible gamers with the lure of attractive bonus money and then back out of paying the money won on totally ludicrous reasons or by setting conditions that gamers would find very difficult to meet. These conditions include unrealistic wagering requirements with respect to the bonus money.

Sometimes the casinos use gaming software that they can manipulate. Check out the type of software that the casinos use. If not from a reputable company like Microgaming then it is best to stay away from such an online casino.

Online casino gaming scams also include attempts at hacking into user accounts to obtain sensitive information from their user’s computers. This is achieved by sneaking in viruses and assorted malware on to the hard drive of the user’s computer. The way out is to desist from clicking any link or downloading software from an online gaming website till you are absolutely sure that this site is safe for gaming.

So what is the kind of due diligence that an online casino gamer must exercise before committing time and money and avoid getting scammed? Well, basic things such as the authenticity of the online casino license; the responsiveness of its customer service; the modes of transactions acceptable; and its reputation as evident from references to it on online casino forums.

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