Types of Craps Bets at an Online Casino

The game of online craps is one of the most popular ones at an online casino. One of the reasons for its popularity is the number of wagers that you can lay for every roll of dice. Also each wager has a different rate of payment depending upon the odds attached with it.

Two dice are rolled and wagers are built around the sum of the numbers arrived at. The number seven is the most important one in this game. Stick to player-friendly bets with a low house edge. You can consult probability charts when playing this game.

Let us understand the different bets associated with this game :

– Pass line bet : This is the most popular and common bet in a game of craps; in fact, it consists of different types of bets.
1. The appearance of 7 and 11 are even-money bets and if they appear, it signals a win and also the end of that round of pass line bets.
2. Another way a round of pass line bets can end is if two, three, or twelve turn up. But these numbers come up, you lose.
3. Other numbers thrown up serve as a reference point and the round continues till any of these numbers or seven turns up.

– Pass odds : These are bets that can be placed during a pass line bet if a point has been decided. The wager here is that the point will appear before a seven does.
– Don’t pass line bet : In this type of a bet, you lose if a seven or eleven appear. With two and three you win while twelve results in a tie. Other numbers can serve as points. You win if a seven appears before the point and lose if the point appears first.
– Come bet : Another name for a pass line bet that is played once a point has been established.
– Come odds : A bet that can be placed only after a come bet.
– Don’t come bet : Similar to the don’t pass line bets. This bet can be placed after the point has been decided.
– Place bet : An even money bet that any of the eligible point numbers will appear before seven does.
– Buy bet : Similar to the place bet but with a different pay out scheme.

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