A Brief Guide to the History of Online Casinos

The online casino gaming industry is a recent phenomenon; its origins can be traced to the year 1994 when Microgaming casino gaming software was introduced; the very next year the first online casino made its debut; however, casino gaming for real money began only in 1996. The fledgling internet gaming industry grew amidst opposition and there were many landmark developments such as the first progressive jackpot for slots which was introduced in 1998.

Internet-based gaming began to truly take off post 2000 when countries across the world began to allow their citizens to access online gaming sites legally. Laws were introduced to legislate gaming. The income-generation capabilities of this form of entertainment could no longer be ignored by governments around the world. The quality of gaming too improved. The prizes got bigger and the bonuses became more attractive. New games were introduced and very soon there was more choice available online than one could ever hope to find in a land-based casino. The money being poured into the online gaming industry was such that nations were forced to pass legislations so that the citizenry did not become addicted to online casinos. Today, the industry is worth more than $100 billion and growing continuously.

From 2006 onwards, the online gaming industry has worked to increase its global reach and cover Europe, Australia, South America as well as the already covered North American continent. The impetus for this came from the total ban on online gaming in the United States in the year 2006. Gamers from the U.S had hitherto been the biggest spenders on online gaming.

By the year 2008, regular jackpots and progressive jackpots were bigger than ever touching amounts close to $6 million. In the following years, the growth of the industry was helped by local players being offered payment options in the currency of their choice. Multi-player gaming has taken off and live dealing is now a routine fixture in many online casinos.

From 2011 onwards, mobile gaming has started gaining traction. It is an extension of online gaming and the attraction of gaming on the go is the reason why it is becoming popular day-by-day.

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